On Sun, 23 Apr 2000, Matthew Dillon wrote:

>     There's another good reason to MFC the linux patch on wednesday... 
>     that is, to do it at the same time the SMP cleanup is MFC'd, and that
>     is because both patch sets require the linux kernel module to be 
>     recompiled and I'd rather not force people to do that twice. 
>     The SMP patchset, in fact, requires that all kernel modules be 
>     recompiled due to the locks that were removed from the spl*() macros.
>     This is something I would contemplate doing for 4.0->4.1, but not 
>     something I would consider for 4.1 onward.  Even though 4.0 is the
>     most stable .0 release we've ever had, it's still a .0.
>     I wonder if it makes sense to add a release id to the module header
>     and have the module loader refuse (unless forced) to load modules that
>     are out-of-date with the kernel?

This sounds quite reasonable. Perhaps you should commit the linux patch to
-current right now and then merge it on Wednesday. That would give plenty
of time for any teething problems to show up.

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