On Mon, 24 Apr 2000, Julian Elischer wrote:

> My cvsup appeared to be frozen, so I stopped it and looked..
> src/sys/dev/isp/asm_pci.c,v is 13MB long!
> it was just taking a long time..
> this seems a little excessive. 

I was annoyed by this a few months ago when the file was only 10MB.

> anyone got any ideas. (13MB on a 40Kbit link is a long time)

Use CTM on slow links :-).

> to make matters worse cvsup appears to be redownloading some very large
> percentage of this file whenerver there is a change to it.

This seems to be inherent in the file format.  Binary data is expanded
by a factor of 4 due to encoding it as a C array.  Even tiny changes
in the data ripple through the array and give huge diffs.  Uuencoding
the data would only expand it by a factor of 1.4 although it would
have the same problem with the diffs.


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