Hi there,

I'm currently trying vt(9) on a CURRENT kernel (only the kernel not the base). I have very small bugs, not really serious. I'm currently using the radeon KMS driver.

* When I switch from a tty to X I can see the mouse appearing but the tty is still displayed until I move the mouse. Or until I wait something like 3 seconds. It sounds like a small refresh trouble.

* When I don't use the native resolution (i.e the radeon firmwares are not loaded) switching from a tty to another results sometimes in a black screen when only some colors are displayed. This does not seems to appear when the native resolution is set.

And some questions:

* Will you add support for dead keys? I have a UK keyboard and when I want to write french characters like à ô ê I usually press the ` character then a. Same for ^ then o and e. To accomplish this, I use the extd variant in Xorg. This let me to press the dead ` character before a. It would be great to add this support to the vt (or maybe it is already done but I was not able to modify .kdb files to support that).

Thanks for your great work on vt(9) and I'm very happy to have full unicode support and a quick tty switch :-).

PS: this is more a personal opinion, but I really prefer the syscons font rather than the vt(9)'s one.

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