On May 7, 2014, at 5:41 PM, Shane Ambler <free...@shaneware.biz> wrote:

> I have just updated my 11-CURRENT tinderbox machine and found an issue
> that breaks ports building.
> make: "/usr/share/mk/bsd.port.mk" line 15: Could not find bsd.own.mk

Install again. This was fixed last night. You can fix it just by updating and 
running make install in share/mk.

> This is highlighted as tinderbox creates a clean build environment while
> the base system kept working with the old file being left behind - make
> delete-old doesn't remove bsd.own.mk from base but a clean system
> doesn't get it installed.
> In r265420 /head/share/mk/Makefile removed reference to bsd.own.mk and
> replaced it with src.opts.mk

Yea that’s totally bogus. Which is why I fixed it. One too many automatic 
replacements that slipped through the cracks.

> bsd.port.mk was left unaltered still including bsd.own.mk which now
> doesn't get installed but is still in svn, breaking ports building.

Yea, bsd.port.mk is good. The above breakage was bad...

> Should bsd.port.mk include src.opts.mk instead of bsd.own.mk or should
> bsd.own.mk be re-added to the install list?

The proper fix is in the tree: re-add bsd.own.mk.

> This appears to carry on from the yesterdays build fails with
> src.opts.mk not being found.

Please update. If the problems persist, please let me know. Also, be sure to 
remove /usr/share/mk/src.opts.mk, since if will cause you head-aches in the 
future if you don’t.

Sorry for the bumps…

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