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> Hi,
> After the bsd.opts.mk / src.opts.mk split
> WITHOUT_NIS in src.conf doesn't work.

It should still work… At least that’s the intention...

> src.conf is included in src.opts.mk after bsd.own.mk
> which includes bsd.opts.mk.

Yea, that’s a problem… It should be included after.

> Should bsd.opts.mk options overrides now be set in
> make.conf instead of src.conf?

That’s a good workaround until I get that fix tested and committed. Or you 
could include src.conf in make.conf at the end. Either will have the same 

Here’s the fix I’m testing, if you’d like to test that instead...

diff -r d69444b828c1 share/mk/src.opts.mk
--- a/share/mk/src.opts.mk
+++ b/share/mk/src.opts.mk
@@ -30,17 +30,15 @@
 .if !target(__<src.opts.mk>__)
-# Compat -- needed still?
-.include <bsd.own.mk>
-# Allow user to configure things, but in the future this will move
-# elsehwere...
+# Allow user to configure things that only effect src tree builds.
 SRCCONF?=      /etc/src.conf
 .if exists(${SRCCONF}) || ${SRCCONF} != "/etc/src.conf"
 .include "${SRCCONF}"
+# Must be included after src.conf
+.include <bsd.own.mk>
 # Define MK_* variables (which are either "yes" or "no") for users
 # to set via WITH_*/WITHOUT_* in /etc/src.conf and override in the

> Was on r265455, updated to r265715 and rebuilt with -DNO_CLEAN.

Yea, sorry about missing this subtle issue in the split. There was another 
report of something similar that I hadn’t tracked down, but your report pointed 
me to where I needed to go.


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