On Mon, Apr 24, 2000 at 02:56:33PM +0800, Stephen Hocking scribbled:
# For sometime now, the analogue joy stick driver hasn't been working - it seems 
# to persistently return totally wild deviations when being read. Also, trying 
# to use it as a kld doersn't seem to work. Has anyone else had similar probs?

I have the exact same problem..both under 5.0-CURRENT and 3.3-RELEASE.. but
I've only got access to the -CURRENT machine now.  An example of those evil
values that it returns can be had via the perl one-liner in the joy(4)

www% perl -e 'open(JOY,"/dev/joy0")||die;while(1){sysread(JOY,$x,16);
@j=unpack("iiii",$x);print "@j\n";sleep(1);}'
-2147483648 -2147483648 0 0
-2147483648 -2147483648 0 0
-2147483648 -2147483648 0 0
-2147483648 -2147483648 0 0
etc etc

The module even fails to load here, so I can't try that, and this happens
with and without a joystick attached.. if you get a solution to this problem,
please clue me in on it :)

- Jonathan Towne

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