On May 10, 2014, at 9:45 AM, Thomas Hoffmann <trh...@gmail.com> wrote:

> The other night I built a new -CURRENT at r265728. At delete-old it asked
> me if I wanted to "remove /usr/share/mk/src.opts.mk?" I said yes.
> Subsequently an upgrade attempt for virtualbox-ose-4.3.10_1 failed with a
> "missing src.opts.mk <http://src.opt.mk>" error.

I’ve fixed that.

> Last night I built a new -CURRENT at 265793. At delete-old it asked me if I
> wanted to "remove /usr/share/mk/src.opts.mk?"again. I said no. Subsequently
> an upgrade for virtualbox-ose-4.3.10_1 succeded.

You should say yes.

> Three questions:
> 1. Why is delete-old repeatedly asking me if I want to remove /usr/share/mk/
> src.opts.mk?

It seems to keep getting installed. It shouldn’t be now that I’ve got things 
ironed out.

> 2. Why is delete-old asking me if I want to remove something that is
> required to build ports, well at least one port? I did not try to build any
> other ports, so maybe it was just a virtualbox-ose issue?

It isn’t required to build ports. Well, it was for a couple of days due to a 
bug, but I’ve fixed that bug.

> 3. Should I keep src.opts.mk at delete-old or remove it?

Remove it. It should ask you at most one more time.

> I saw some discussion about src.opts.mk, but it centered around the use of
> WITHOUT_NIS, which is not my issue.

Yea. I understand. The WITHOUT_NIS was a different, and subtle, bug that I 
fixed as well.

My advise: update to the tip of head, buildworld, install world, delete-old 
(making sure you say ‘yes’) and then try virtualbox-ose build again. It should 
just work. If it doesn’t then send in a bug report since I missed something 
when I fixed nvidia and cuse builds.

Thanks for the report. I hope I can get this all ironed out for you. I think I 
have already, but the build system is rather fragile, I’m coming to discover, 
and used in several non-obvious use cases that seem obvious after the bug 
report comes in… Sorry these slipped through the cracks in my testing...

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