Garrett Wollman wrote:
> <<On Mon, 24 Apr 2000 21:30:01 +1000 (EST), Bruce Evans <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
> > This seems to be inherent in the file format.  Binary data is expanded
> > by a factor of 4 due to encoding it as a C array.  Even tiny changes
> > in the data ripple through the array and give huge diffs.  Uuencoding
> > the data would only expand it by a factor of 1.4 although it would
> > have the same problem with the diffs.
> I've been thinking about this recently myself.  We want to maintain
> the ability to examine historical versions of the code, but actual
> diffs from one version to another are, in this context, meaningless.
> I'd like to suggest a new hierarchy /usr/firmware, which sits
> along-side /usr/src and /usr/ports in our distribution mechanism, but
> which does not use RCS files to store version information.  Rather,
> the version information is encoded in the pathname, and files are
> stored and transferred as binary objects.  It might look something
> like this:
> /usr/firmware/
>                 gronk/                  (this is the gronk driver)
>                         3.57.OA.bin     (where 3.57.OA is vendor's version)
>                 plugh/
>                         42.69/
>                                 model1.bin
>                                 model2.bin
>                                 model3.bin
> -GAWollman

This seems well thought out and I certainly agree that we don't need
DIFFs of firmware.
I wonder if we can somehow "cheat time" and get that 13MB file out of
the source tree and retro-actively tag the new scheme so 
that we don't have to carry it around forever :-)

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