:Because if we do not provide a STABLE ABI, we WON'T get third-party
:(binary only) kernel modules.
:I'm very divided in this issue. 4.x has just started, and would be
:seriously impaired if no further improvements to it's SMP get in.  On
:the other hand, if we can't garantee third party vendors a stable ABI,
:we won't get third party vendors.
:Alas... Dillon, how much of SMP improvements will be getting back-ported
:without further breaks in ABI, specially as BSDI code starts to trickle
:Daniel C. Sobral                       (8-DCS)

    Most of the SMP innards are invisible to the user and even invisible
    (for the most part) to KLD's.  For example, making the VM subsystem and
    network stack MP-safe can probably be done without any external 

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