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Boris Samorodov <> schrieb:

> 17.05.2014 12:50, O. Hartmann пишет:
> > I'm looking for a smart FreeBSD Router/Gateway solution based upon the ARM
> > architecture.
> I'd wonder why it's ARM. I'd think that a MIPS arch is more appropriate
> for a router.

Well, I had once an ARM based computer and I like the architecture - but there 
isn't a
strict prefrence (except that I would also prefere MIPS over Intel as I 
preferred Alpha
over Intel in the past as I did with a DECstation (MIPS driven) over Intel 
based systems).

Looking around, I find a lot of very small ARM vased SoCs with a very low power
consumption but with still enough performance. I have no clue how a 4-core ARM 
with 1.2
GHz would compete against a MIPS based equivalent.

I'm not bound to ARM. MIPS is also all right, as long as some of my 
are met. The "router" is just a synonyme for a bunch of aspects I have in mind 
thinking of low power SoCs.

if the same CPU performance and low-power consumption is met as a 4-core 
then I'm fine with other architectures. But I'd like to have FreeBSD rather 
than Linux
and this is what I'm concerned about.

> > One of the necessities ist the existence of two GBit NICs which are hard to 
> > find on
> > most experimental ARM platforms today combinded with at least two CPU cores.
> I have a IMX6 based wandboard-quad with 1Gb NIC. It's theoretical
> maximum speed is 40 MB/sec., while current driver achieves about
> 20 MB/sec.

I did not realise that the throughput is that low, theoretically.

> > I found the Utilities Pro board [1], four cores, two GBit NICs and WiFi 
> > along with 2GB
> > RAM and I was wondering whether this board is supported by FreeBSD. I 
> > couldn't find
> > anything useful since I'm a novice with ARM CPU naming and Utilities Pro is 
> > not
> > mentioned in the list of compatible and supported ARM based equipment in 
> > [2]. Well,
> > not being mentioned doesn't mean "not supported" since the components have 
> > to be
> > supported anyway, but as I said, I do not know what Utilities Pro equipt to 
> > their
> > solution. maybe someon of the FreeBSd users already made some experiences 
> > with this
> > board/solution.
> You may find and get more info at the arm@ ML.

Thank you very much. 


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