On Monday, May 19, 2014 4:12:50 pm Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
> On 05/18/14 23:03, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > First call:
> >
> > resource_list_add:
> Hi,
> It appears that the /dev/pccard.X is opened and reading some CIS data 
> from the device before any driver has been attached. The attached patch 
> solves the panic I've seen. Not sure if the patch is correct.

Oops, your patch was dropped in my reply, but it just disables 
pccard_scan_cis() while a device is probing.

Warner, the issue here is that pccard_scan_cis() can do a bus_alloc_resource() 
for SYS_RES_MEMORY rid 0 of a pccard device concurrently with 
pccard_function_init().  Hans patch might be along the right track, though
we might want to make /dev/pccard.X block until pccard_function_init() 
finishes rather than causing pccard_scan_cis() to fail.  What do you think?

John Baldwin
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