Wiadomość napisana przez Hannes Mehnert w dniu 28 maj 2014, o godz. 23:27:
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> Hi,
> I get random reboots with revision r266546 (Make iwn(4) able to get
> itself back into working condition after "fatal firmware error"
> happens.  Previously it was neccessary to reset it manually, using
> "/etc/rc.d/netif restart".).
> I encounter that on a Thinkpad X220 with a iwn0: <Intel Centrino
> Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250> mem 0xf2500000-0xf2501fff irq 17 at device
> 0.0 on pci3
> and a rather flaky wireless connection. I do have to destroy the wlan0
> interface every now and then (and get firmware errors in dmesg), but
> since r266546 it powercycles my laptop.
> If I disable wireless - or revert that commit, my laptop does not
> power cycle...
> Adrian/trasz - any ideas what might be wrong here? Any ideas how to
> debug it further? Will a dumpdev help (if so, is it possible to setup
> on geli + zfs?)?

Yes, without crashdump tracking down the problem will be next to impossible.

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