On Thursday, May 29, 2014 10:42:18 am Beeblebrox wrote:
> >> Why do you think libc.so.7 has anything to do with this?
> Well, because there are two instances of it running in the lsof dump, with
> several possible "child process" candidates. Why would they be hanging
> around when practically everything has been killed?

Everything that is dynamically pulls in libc.so.7.  This includes /bin/sh, 
etc.  However, those mappings are not _wired_ memory.  Those would just
be active or inactive pages.

> Radeon*.ko modules are a very strong possibility, as I knew before I posted.
> Unfortunately I cannot kldunload those modules once laded because then tty's
> go dark and I must reboot. I send the Radeon developer some of my crash
> reports once and a while, so nothing to add there. Have not heard from him
> in a while, and I d't want to disturb him unnecessarily.
> And yes, as Alexander points out, zfs is also a possibility.

ZFS is almost certainly the cause of the wired memory usage.

John Baldwin
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