According to David Chisnall on Thu, May 29, 2014 at 10:19:41AM +0100:
> We can probably do a bit better by looking at the complete dependency graph 
> and removing any ports that have unconditional dependencies on X.  For a 
> headless server, there's no reason to build any of the kde-* or gnome-* ports 
> or, indeed, X itself.  I suspect that we could easily trim 2/3 of the build 
> time by omitting ports that have a GUI, GUI toolkits, and so on.  

May I disagree?  The only thing you don't need on an headless server is X 
itself.  I might want to run firefox on that server, the display taken into 
account in the client machine (e.g. through ssh -X).

Or did I missed something?

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