On 2 Jun 2014, at 16:12, Ollivier Robert <robe...@keltia.freenix.fr> wrote:

> According to David Chisnall on Thu, May 29, 2014 at 10:19:41AM +0100:
>> We can probably do a bit better by looking at the complete dependency graph 
>> and removing any ports that have unconditional dependencies on X.  For a 
>> headless server, there's no reason to build any of the kde-* or gnome-* 
>> ports or, indeed, X itself.  I suspect that we could easily trim 2/3 of the 
>> build time by omitting ports that have a GUI, GUI toolkits, and so on.  
> May I disagree?  The only thing you don't need on an headless server is X 
> itself.  I might want to run firefox on that server, the display taken into 
> account in the client machine (e.g. through ssh -X).
> Or did I missed something?

Yes.  If you want to have the graphical versions of everything on the server, 
then there's nothing stopping you from using the default package repository.  
THe use case for the proposed no-X repo is installing a headless server where 
you won't be doing X forwarding, and so want versions of tools that are 
command-line-only.  If you're explicitly choosing not to install the GUI for 
Vim, the odds are you won't want Firefox either...


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