A new NIC driver API has been committed that allows us to make the
ifnet structure an abstract type. The abstract type being 'if_t'.

The miibus(4), fxp(4), em(4) and bxe(4) drivers have been converted to
use the API already. Other drivers will follow in the coming weeks.

The conversion is mechanical and does not change the behavior of the
drivers. As such, there's no user-visible impact.

If you do run into a problem after upgrading and you're using any of
the converted drivers, please let me know. It is always possible that
the conversion introduces a bug.

To test whether the conversion introduced the problem, revert any of
the following revisions depending on the driver that gives you the
        r266974         miibus(4)
        r266977         fxp(4)
        r266978         em(4)
        r266979         bxe(4)

If you find yourself reverting r266974, please also revert the other
3 revisions as they depend on r266974.


Marcel Moolenaar

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