On 2014-06-02 11:50, Kurt Lidl wrote:
>> On Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 9:26 AM, Allan Jude <allanjude at freebsd.org>
>> wrote:
>>> It also tends to sometimes hide the gpt label provider on me (not sure
>>> in which cases it does this, but it is annoying)
>> This happens when something (e.g. zfs) happens to open the diskid
>> provider instead of the gpt label.  For me this ended up being a bit
>> more than annoying; my swap was mounted in /etc/fstab via a gpt label
>> so I silently lost my swap when I did an upgrade.
> I have seen this too, starting from a fresh install.
> The install process for stable/10 writes a /dev/gpt style label
> into /etc/fstab for the swap space, and that never gets used,
> because the /dev/diskid/xxxx stuff appears to take precedence.
> I put the following into /boot/loader.conf to make the system more
> sane:
> kern.geom.label.disk_ident.enable=0
> -Kurt
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I have a patch for the installer that solves this issue by explicitly
using /dev/adaXpY or adaXsYb etc

I thought the label was a nice way to do it, but it backfired.

Allan Jude

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