Are there any plans to allow rndcontrol to accept greater than 16 interrupts
on SMP machines ?  On my ASUS XG-DLS board, all the interesting interrupts
that I want to use to stir the entropy pool are greater than 16. 
Examination of sys/i386/i386/mem.c on RELENG_3, RELENG_4 and HEAD all have
this comment and code snippet:

         * XXX the data is 16-bit due to a historical botch, so we use
         * magic 16's instead of ICU_LEN and can't support 24 interrupts
         * under SMP.
        intr = *(int16_t *)data;
        if (cmd != MEM_RETURNIRQ && (intr < 0 || intr >= 16))
                return (EINVAL);

I don't exactly understand what ICU_LEN refers to or if there are technical
reasons that we can't support 24 interrupts, but the present situation
leaves me with a powerful machine that can't take advantage of /dev/random
at all (the pool has so little to feed off of that reads of even small
amounts of data block).

Can anyone shed some light ?



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