On Fri, Jun 06, 2014 at 03:14:52PM -0400, Julio Merino wrote:
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> I plan to turn the TESTS src.conf knob ON by default on Tuesday once I
> have been able to perform enough sanity-checks of the build and all of
> them pass.

> The impact of this is that the FreeBSD Test Suite (see tests(7)) will
> be built and installed by default under /usr/tests/ along with the
> private atf libraries and binaries. There should be no other changes
> and this should be transparent to everyone.

> If this happens to break the world in any way, we can trivially roll
> the change back to fix the fallout.

> Some details
> ------------

> TESTS was never intended to be disabled by default. However, the
> original patches that were committed months ago related to this
> feature broke the build and the easiest way out (instead of reverting
> the commits) was to set the knob to disabled. Unfortunately, it stayed
> that way even after the discovered problems were fixed.

> I am confident enough now that we have ironed out all major issues
> that this might introduce, so it is about time to enable TESTS by
> default again in HEAD.

> The benefits of this are that 1) we allow end users (especially
> consumers of binary releases!) to run the tests out of the box, as it
> has always been intended; and 2) we will be able to run the official
> release builds through testing via Jenkins, instead of having to issue
> custom builds.

> Actual change: https://phabric.freebsd.org/D188

> I will update this thread when the change is committed and/or with any
> updates.

> Please let me know if I'm missing anything.

This is certainly useful, but please fix installworld from a read-only
(e.g. NFS) /usr/obj first. I reported this a while ago in
"build Kyuafile.auto during buildworld, not installworld". This message
includes patches, although they are a bit ugly.

Jilles Tjoelker
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