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> Hello all,
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> I plan to turn the TESTS src.conf knob ON by default on Tuesday once I
> have been able to perform enough sanity-checks of the build and all of
> them pass.
> The impact of this is that the FreeBSD Test Suite (see tests(7)) will
> be built and installed by default under /usr/tests/ along with the
> private atf libraries and binaries. There should be no other changes
> and this should be transparent to everyone.
> If this happens to break the world in any way, we can trivially roll
> the change back to fix the fallout.
> Some details
> ------------
> TESTS was never intended to be disabled by default. However, the
> original patches that were committed months ago related to this
> feature broke the build and the easiest way out (instead of reverting
> the commits) was to set the knob to disabled. Unfortunately, it stayed
> that way even after the discovered problems were fixed.
> I am confident enough now that we have ironed out all major issues
> that this might introduce, so it is about time to enable TESTS by
> default again in HEAD.
> The benefits of this are that 1) we allow end users (especially
> consumers of binary releases!) to run the tests out of the box, as it
> has always been intended; and 2) we will be able to run the official
> release builds through testing via Jenkins, instead of having to issue
> custom builds.
This is very weird and unprobable.  Users cannot care less about running
the test suite, they use OS to run applications.  IMO enabling installation 
of the stuff that bloats the system but have no practical use for the
system consumer should not be allowed by default.

It is the same as the debugging kernel. The INVARIANTS, WITNESS, DEBUG
and DIAGNOSTIC options are not enabled for the user consumption. There
was a similar argument to disable compiling the profiling static
libraries, which probably should be reconsidered since lib*_p.a is
absolutely useless on current toolchain and hardware.

> Actual change: https://phabric.freebsd.org/D188
> I will update this thread when the change is committed and/or with any 
> updates.
> Please let me know if I'm missing anything.
> Cheers
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