On 06/10/2014 11:04, Luigi Rizzo wrote:
> As the subject says...
> i upgraded to stable/10 without special options, clang is the
> default compiler but the gcc4.2.1 whose sources are in the tree
> is not compiled.
> Is there any way to get both gcc and clang compiled during a buildworld ?
> Or any port that brings in the gcc 4.2.1 (and not one of the more
> modern ones ?)
> For those curious, the reason i am asking is the following,
> and it might well be unrelated to gcc:
> i used to build picobsd with gcc, and part of picobsd's boostrap
> is a "make toolchain". When i hosted this on stable/9 with gcc
> i could cross build picobsd using basically any source tree.
> Now, however, hosting the build on stable/10 with clang,
> the "make toolchain" on a stable/9 tree fails and i need to
> do a full "make buildworld" to bootstrap.
> I don't know what fails exactly, but i see a ton of warnings
> and possibly errors in the 'make toolchain' phase that i
> thought might be due to a compiler/source mismatch.
> Maybe not. In any case, I'd still like to have gcc.

$ cat /etc/src.conf

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