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Am 12.06.2014 00:36, schrieb O. Hartmann:

I use my boxes for daily work and in most cases, the usage of applications is 
the same.
Compiling the OS and updating ports while having claws-mail and firefox opened 
is some
usual scenario.

I realise since a couple of weeks, if not months now, but always sticky to 
that the system is even with 8 GB RAM very quickly out of memory and swapping. 
As of
today - updating CURRENT (buildword) and also updating ports. Nothing else 
firefox. And the box is using 1% swapspace.

Are you using ZFS, and more to the point, did you recently start using it?

Do you mean "start swapping out sooner than it used to do"?

Do you expect that swap remains at 0 unless there is serious memory

One point: Linux rolls dice when it needs memory, with a tunable that
states the chance that either a cached page gets evicted, or an in-use
page gets swapped out.

Has FreeBSD similar mechanisms these days?

Also how recent a current there where some vm changes which apparently helped 
with this
specifically r260567 and r265944.

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