> Possibly increase the timing variables under:

> sysctl hw.usb.timings

> If they are not there, possibly the USB_DEBUG option has been removed from the
> kernel config. Can you check that?

What are the units for sysctl.hw.usb.timings?  Seconds?  Milliseconds?

I ran sysctl hw.usb.timings and got

hw.usb.timings.port_reset_delay: 50
hw.usb.timings.port_root_reset_delay: 250
hw.usb.timings.port_reset_recovery: 250
hw.usb.timings.port_powerup_delay: 300
hw.usb.timings.port_resume_delay: 40
hw.usb.timings.set_address_settle: 10
hw.usb.timings.resume_delay: 250
hw.usb.timings.resume_wait: 50
hw.usb.timings.resume_recovery: 50
hw.usb.timings.extra_power_up_time: 20

I checked man sysctl, sysctl.conf, loader.conf and more, no clue.

I could guess milliseconds, but maybe 1/100-seconds?

I get console messages about keyboard and mouse being disconnected when that is 
not true, for both FreeBSD and NetBSD; also wlan under FreeBSD.

So I would like to increase these times by a factor of 100, if it is 


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