On 2014-06-12 2:26, Steven Hartland wrote:
Also how recent a current there where some vm changes which apparently
helped with this
specifically r260567 and r265944.

Is this also fixed in the 10.0-STABLE by now?

I'm running "10.0-STABLE #0 r266449 May 19" (with ZFS and
16 MB of memory) and I'm noticing pretty much what O. Hartmann
describes (since a couple of weeks or maybe a month ago).

When some bulky operation (like a poudriere build) runs, some
inactive processes are swapped out. This is just fine, but when
the bulky task is finished, the ARC extends to the new released
memory, but the swapped out jobs then struggle for memory
when they become active again. It can take a minute for a
sshd (login from remote) to respond with a prompt, and it can
take long minutes for a swapped out SQL database (not large)
or a web browser to become responsive again. The situation
does not improve by itself, ARC has it all, less active jobs
scramble and fight for whatever free memory is left for them
and most of them remain swapped out. The best curse of action
to recover is to reboot. Quite a pain.

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