> I note that my TLenovo 61 has one of these:
> ichsmb0@pci0:0:31:3:  class=0x0c0500 card=0x20a917aa chip=0x283e8086
> rev=0x03 hdr=0x00
>     vendor     = 'Intel Corporation'
>     device     = '82801H (ICH8 Family) SMBus Controller'
>     class      = serial bus
>     subclass   = SMBus
> I'm pretty ignorant here, and I had to manually load ichsmb(4) to get it
> detected.  How can I see what's on here and what its purpose for
> existence might be.

It's this:


You can read some system status values (CPU temp etc).

In the ports, check sysutils/xmbmon or sysutils/healthd
whether it detects anything.

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