On 6/13/14, John Baldwin <j...@freebsd.org> wrote:
> On Friday, June 13, 2014 6:21:28 am Oliver Pinter wrote:
>> Hi All!
>> When I try to build i386 kernel on amd64 host running compile error
>> due wrong cpufunc.h picked up by build system.
>> I used the attached script to build the kernel, and I attached a build
>> log.
>> Any suggestion how can I fix this?
> To build an i386 kernel on an amd64 host do this:
> cd /usr/src (or some other tree)
> make TARGET=i386 kernel-toolchain
> make TARGET=i386 buildkernel
> make TARGET=i386 installkernel DESTDIR=/some/place
> And your i386 kernel will end up in /some/place/boot/kernel/kernel.  (You
> can
> set things like KERNCONF to pick an alternate kernel config just as with
> normal 'make buildkernel'.)
> (Your attachment was size zero for me btw)
> --
> John Baldwin

I used this script to build the kernel:

And the error log are there:
https://gist.github.com/opntr/cf8aa0e404c0c5ed6f90 .
I get this error, when I first build kernel for amd64 system, and
after that i386 kernel, and only the kernel.

Now seems like I can build the whole system with buildworld
buildkernel on vanilla master, I removed the objdir and do a clean
buildworld. Now I test the modified kernel build, after the

It is broken too. When I do only make kernel-toolchain buildkernel,
than this are broken for vanilla freebsd source and for my version to.

OK: make buildworld buildkernel
BROKEN: make kernel-toolchain buildkernel

Seems like someone in build environment bootstrapping are broken.
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