Dear all,
I am trying to run FreeBSD on Acer Chromebook C720.

As mentioned in the earlier email,
I needed the following change to run FreeBSD on C720:
* boot loader workaround
* atkbd patches (ported from DragonFly BSD)

USB, fixed by hselasky (r261795), works.
Wifi also works with as-is driver.

Now, I am going to make a trackpad on C720 work on FreeBSD.
According to DragonFly BSD by Matthew Dillon,
the trackpad is connected to the integrated I2C bus, and to support
the trackpad,
the SMBus driver is extended, Haswell I2C bus support (ig4 driver) is
added, and the cyapa trackpad driver using ig4 is implemented.

Perhaps anyone has already done or been working to support it.

Is there some work or patches for a trackpad of C720?

Best regards,
Teruyuki Imai
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