me wrote:
Is this also fixed in the 10.0-STABLE by now?

The situation does not improve by itself, ARC has it all, less
active jobs scramble and fight for whatever free memory is left for
them and most of them remain swapped out. The best curse of action
to recover is to reboot. Quite a pain.

On 2014-06-14 17:29, Matthew D. Fuller wrote:
You may want to check out
<> which I
believe is related.  Make sure you get the latest patch rather than
the older one, ref's in comment 10 at

Great, thank you, will apply it in the coming days.

One would hope that such a serious pathological behaviour
(in 10-STABLE and 11) would get the patch applied by now
(patch available for two months now, problem described in March),
or the former logic reverted.

I have this patch on a fresh 10.0-STABLE running now for five days,
and things have improved significantly. Inactive processes are still
swapped out, but ARC no longer monopolizes all it can grab, and newly
activated processes get a chance to run quickly. Running a busy
poudriere build no longer leaves the system in unusable state
after it finishes.

I hope this gets rolled into 10.0-STABLE soon.

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