>Removal of EARLY_BUILD is not the issue here, I have no idea where the
>hell the came into play.
>It is a race in the chain with what make(1) gets built for the stable/9
>userland.  It is why the 'make make buildworld' thing I mentioned works.

IIRC all the fixes I put into src/Makefile to ensure correct [bf]make
was built prior to anything like buildworld were only in head. 
I think Warner has now removed at least the fmake bits from head, but
stable/10 has it all.  I think this fixed a number of races.

make make buildworld

should work, though if you want to use -j a separate invocation would be
a good idea (absent the fixes from stable/10):

make make && make -j8 -DNO_CLEAN buildworld

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