Beeblebrox wrote:
> > see if you can run wireshark on your NFS server that is being
> > mounted.
> > That should narrow down the RPC error.
> It took a while to get around to this, but the problem looks like NFS
> v3 - v4 conflict. Wireshark shows these errors:
> Program Version: 3 \ V3 Procedure: MNT (1) \Status: ERR_ACCESS (13)
> But NFS is started as v4. /etc/exports (not sure if correct syntax):
> V4:  /     -network
> /data/amd64     -ro -network           # NFS root
> /usr/local      -ro -maproot=0 -network
> /home           -network
> The PXE structure (dhcp & tftp) are started as a jail with the jail
> root folder as the NFS export root (/data/amd64). The jail and NFS
> services are not started with boot but with separate script.
The Mount protocol request in your packet trace specifies a path of "/".
For the above exports to work, the MNT path must be "/data/amd64".
(I think this is the root-path option specified in your entry for the
 client on your dhcp server.) Look at the "MNT Call" lines in the
wireshark trace and get the path to be "/data/amd64" and not "/".

It isn't using NFSv4, so the the "V4: / ..." line is not relevent to

As I think I've mentioned before, a NFSv4 root fs won't work, so
don't bother trying...

Good luck with it, rick

> /etc/rc.conf has:
> rpcbind_flags="-h"
> mountd_flags="-r -n -l -h"
> nfsd_flags="-u -t -n 4 -h"
> nfsv4_only="YES"
> nfsv4_server_enable="YES"
> jail -c pxe
> service rpcbind onestart
> service mountd onestart
> service nfsd onestart
> service nfsuserd onestart
> # disabled_not_needed? rpc_lockd_enable="YES"  rpc_statd_enable="
> I should probablymove the rc.conf flags into my,
> but not sure how to pass "service start" flags in an sh script.
> Regards.
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