Hello all.

After upgrading my system to 11.0-CURRENT r267824, I cannot use the vlan
interfaces as I used before. I have in rc.conf:

ifconfig_em0="media 1000baseT mediaopt full-duplex"
cloned_interfaces="vlan1 vlan2 vlan100 vlan150"
ifconfig_vlan1="inet netmask vlan 1 vlandev em0"
ifconfig_vlan2="inet my_actual_ip netmask vlan 2 vlandev em0"
ifconfig_vlan100="vlan 100 vlandev em0"
ifconfig_vlan150="inet netmask vlan 150 vlandev em0"

But this isn't working anymore.

When I remove the vlan tag in my switch and set the inet to the em0
card, everithing works fine.

I have done a "make delete-old" after the mergemaster and I wonder if I
removed something by mistake.

Is there anything I can do to debug/fix this?


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