On 2014-06-25 17:22, Bryan Drewery wrote:
> On 6/23/14, 5:48 AM, Mattia Rossi wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm currently stuck on the following. Haven't built HEAD in a while,
>> and now after a
>> make buildworld kernel installworld distrib-dirs distribution
>> I don't have any nodes in /dev at all. As far as I remember there was
>> always a minimum set of nodes in there, like ttys etc.
>> What happened? Which changes did I miss?
>> Cheers,
>> Mat
> I booted a system last week that resulted in 2 / being mounted. devfs
> was underneath the second / which resulted in an empty /dev. At least
> that's what I was able to guess, it obviously was a messy situation.

I have seen that a few times, especially when importing ZFS pools

You can try to unmount the overlay / or just mount a 2nd devfs if you need:

mount -t devfs devfs /dev

Allan Jude

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