On 06/28/14 05:42, Hans Petter Selasky wrote:
On 06/27/14 20:51, Danilo Egea wrote:
Hello folks,

I've just updated my system (current) and now I'm getting this message:
[danilo src$] uname -a
uname: sysctl: Cannot allocate memory

Some programs are failing due this, like portmaster and chromium.

This commit (r267961) has a lot of changes in the sysctl subsystem.


Hi folks,

Sorry about the breakage. There appears to be some special case for
read-only MIB SYSCTL strings which was ending up in an error code that's
not so well documented. Sorry that it is not possible for me to test
absolutely everything.

Testing done from my side:

- Several universe builds
- Sysctl functionality has been verified and tested.

I'm going to pull in the change again with the fix for "uname". If there
are more problems popping up I need your help to test this patch.

Thanks for your patience!


Fixed in:


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