Hi Hans

Thanks for the tips.

I tried both adding them in kernel config and the patch (not
simultaneously) but no effect. Still crash on unload/reboot.

Johannes Lundberg

On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 1:13 PM, Hans Petter Selasky <h...@selasky.org>

> On 06/30/14 06:01, Lundberg, Johannes wrote:
>> As I mention in earlier mail, it is when I comment out following lines it
>> works
>> # For full debugger support use (turn off in stable branch):
>> options         DDB                     # Support DDB.
>> options         GDB                     # Support remote GDB.
>> options         DEADLKRES               # Enable the deadlock resolver
>> options         INVARIANTS              # Enable calls of extra sanity
>> checking
>> options         INVARIANT_SUPPORT       # Extra sanity checks of internal
>> structures, required by INVARIANTS
>> options         WITNESS                 # Enable checks to detect
>> deadlocks
>> and cycles
>> options         WITNESS_SKIPSPIN        # Don't run witness on spinlocks
>> for speed
>> options         MALLOC_DEBUG_MAXZONES=8 # Separate malloc(9) zones
>> I have tried different levels of debugging and I have narrowed it down to
> Hi,
> What happens if you put ucom and uhso in the kernel config file, instead
> of loading them as modules.
> Please find attached a patch you can try. It ensures that the ucom mtx is
> not destroyed before we are finished using it at shutdown.
> --HPS

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