Am 30.06.2014 08:30 (UTC+1) schrieb M&S - Krasznai András:
> Hi
> I have been using FreeBSD as desktop since 2003, and living in a mixed 
> (windows-linux) environment I installed FreeBSd along with my usual (Windows 
> 7) work environment, I have a dualboot configured laptop. I use FreeBSD-10 
> There is a partition formatted for FAT32 where I store documents which I 
> would like to view (and edit) both in  windows and freebsd.
> The problem is that if the path name contains certain Hungarian characters 
> (e.g o with double accent), then libreoffice in FreeBSD refuses to open them 
> complaining about illegal characters. The directory was created in windows, 
> the document also, and I can handle them perfectly from windows (what is 
> more, libreoffice under a linux can also open those documents). Some accented 
> characters are shown as a question mark in FreeBSD, and some others are as a 
> black rectangle; these latter are causing problems. If a file-nam contains 
> such characters then the file is shown as 0- length in Midnight Commander.
> I tried some steps described in the „Localization” part of the FreeBSD 
> Handbook, but things did not improve.
> I installed PC-BSD with Hungarian language support, thinking that it would 
> handle the localized directory names correctly but no, it gives the same 
> error message.
> This problem is really annoying. How could I solve it?

In my German environment I also use FAT32 formatted drives, mounted like:

/dev/adaXsX     /XXX    msdosfs rw,large,-Lde_DE.UTF-8  0       0

This should also work for Hungarian?

Rainer Hurling

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