xfe display the file and directory names correctly together with creation date 
and time (simple 'ls' does not; it shows double question marks in the place of 
Hungarian characters. 

ls | od -c  

shows that such characters are represented in ls output as two characters e.g. 
241 253 or such, I can test again but now I do not remember the exact numbers; 
the first of the two is the same for all Hungarian characters)


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M&S - Krasznai András wrote, On 07/01/2014 17:07:
> I installed xfe (x11-fm/xfe) file manager in the same freebsd configuration. 
> This application displays and handles those diretories and files perfectly, 
> but as soon as I want to open such a file with double click on it  (I set xfe 
> to invoke libreoffice in this case) libreoffice still refuses to open the 
> file.
> [...]
> What does xfe do differently?

What do you mean by "handling and displaying properly"? Listing (directory 
contents) is one thing, being able to stat or open the file is different.
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