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> xfe display the file and directory names correctly together with creation 
> date and time (simple 'ls' does not; it shows double question marks in the 
> place of Hungarian characters. 
> ls | od -c  
> shows that such characters are represented in ls output as two characters 
> e.g. 241 253 or such, I can test again but now I do not remember the exact 
> numbers; the first of the two is the same for all Hungarian characters)

That says to me that your locale is still not set correctly.

The ls on it's own could be due to a non-compatible terminal emulator, but the 
fact that 'od' is showing two bytes rather than trying to display a character 
(however messed up the output may be) implies the characters are simply not 
valid in the locale you have set.

It would be useful to have the exact numbers from the 'od' (a test filename 
with more than 2 Hungarian characters would be useful) and an approximate 
description (or screenshot) on how they should look.

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