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Is it just me or is there something wrong with vidcontrol(1) in
base/head, amd64, sc console, r268165?

First, I had to specify absolute pathnames for the font8x16, font8x14,
and font8x8 variables in /etc/rc.conf before vidcontrol(1) would load
anything, and next, vidcontrol(1), when run by /etc/rc.d/syscons,
complains about:

Bad magic
vidcontrol: failed to load font
"/usr/share/syscons/fonts/iso-8x16.fnt": No error: 0
Bad magic
vidcontrol: failed to load font
"/usr/share/syscons/fonts/iso-8x14.fnt": No error: 0
Bad magic
vidcontrol: failed to load font
"/usr/share/syscons/fonts/iso-8x8.fnt": No error: 0
I wouldn't rule out pilot error on my part, but r267957 worked
flawlessly in this regard.
I guess with both sc and vt in the kernel, line 220 of
usr.sbin/vidcontrol/vidcontrol.c needs a slight adjustment.
The same adjustment will be needed at line 150 of

I don't believe that building a kernel for both vt and sc is supported, so
I'm not surprised that it does not work.

I would like to know how you intend to use such a kernel. I'm not sure I
see a case where having both would be useful and it looks like keeping them
straight would be rather a problem.

GENERIC is such a kernel as of a few days ago. The idea is to provide a transition mechanism for people who want syscons for whatever reason but also want to, say, use KMS drivers or boot with EFI without building a new kernel.
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