thanks, I will do that. 

I started to setup my locale again, and found that earlier I should have made a 
mistake because the new setup (almost) perfectly works: 

I set up login class for me following the handbook as hungarian 
(LANG=hu_HU.UTF-8, and charset=UTF-8; set keyboard layout to hungarian with 
setxkbmap hu, and used the hungarian locale in fstab to mount the fat32 

there are two characters in the Hungarian alphabet which are not in the 
ISO-Latin1 code set (o with double accent and u with double accent, both lower 
and upper case) which are displayed as space in filenames, but now libreoffice 
is able to open the files. All other hungarian characters appeared as normal. 

I will do the test you suggested but it can take 1-2 days, I do not have time 
for it right now.


András Krasznai

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Subject: Re: freebsd and utf-8 directory names

On Wed, Jul 02, 2014 at 12:27:07AM +0200, wrote:
> David Chisnall wrote, On 07/01/2014 19:06:
> > Please note that is not a bug tracker.  I tried 
> > searching the bug tracker for bugs with FAT and filename or FAT and 
> > utf-8/utf8/character in their names and could not find any reference to 
> > this issue.
> >
> > If you actually want to see bugs fixed, rather than just complain about 
> > them, please file them here: 
> >  Make sure that you provide 
> > all of the steps required to reproduce them.
> I neglected to submit a bug report because:
> (1) there were already at least 3 bug reports related to (FAT32 and) 
> character sets or encodings, some of them even had patches;
> (2) the reports were very old, indicating that the FreeBSD developers 
> don't care about FAT32;
> (3) at least one report was seemingly related, and I didn't want to create 
> a(nother) possible duplicate.
> But now, eat this: 

Well, I'm going to close that PR. :-)
First, set LANG environment variable to hu_HU.UTF-8 in your case:

# setenv LANG hu_HU.UTF-8

Second, mount the FAT32 partition in Hungarian locale:

# mount_msdosfs -L hu_HU.UTF-8 /dev/da0s1 /mnt

Third, untar your attachement file:

# tar xvf /mnt/
x 1’.txt
x 2–.txt

# stat 1’.txt
128 244744 -rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 4294967295 0 "Jan  1 08:00:00 1980" "Aug  1 
16:57:52 2011" "Aug  1 16:57:52 2011" "Jul  3 11:28:24 2014" 16384 0 0x800 

# stat 2–.txt
128 244746 -rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 4294967295 0 "Jan  1 08:00:00 1980" "Aug  1 
16:55:20 2011" "Aug  1 16:55:20 2011" "Jul  3 11:28:24 2014" 16384 0 0x800 

Let me know if that works for you, thanks.

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