On Mon, 24 Apr 2000 13:52:20 MST, Matthew Jacob wrote:

> But this isn't the point. The point is to cause less cvsup turbulence
> for all and sundry. I think I can do enough of this by just splitting
> the file apart to keep everyone happy. Or happy enough.

If that's the _only_ point, then Garrett Wollman's idea should work
perfectly.  Stick the files under CVS, just agree that they should
never be revised, but rather that new versions should be imported in a
different directory and the old versions punted to the Attic.

The only thing I'd like different from Garrett's proposal is the
pathing.  I'd prefer to use a general rule for this anywhere in the
tree, not just in a path/to/firmware directory.  In other words...



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