I desperately need to have a SKYPE based chat with an offshore
department. Since Skype is not a native port, I try to use a virtual
box running Windows 7. And here the nightmare begins.

Skype works in the VBox, but audio only. I have two WebCAMs here, a
brand new Logitech C270 and a older Medion MD86511. The latter one can
be seen in the device list of Windows 7 within the VBox, but can not be

More frustrating, the Logitech C270, doesn't work, it is not even seen
by the VBox. I tested the cam on another Windows 7 system of a
colleague and it works. FreeBSD does also "see" this USB Cam, but why
is the device hidden for the VBox?

In the configuration, I have the ability to enable/disable USB 2.0
subsystem. Enabled, VBox rejects to start on all FBSD around (9.3-PRE,
11-CURRENT). What is that? Is VBox not capable of using USB 2.0
devices in conjunction with FreeBSD?

How to solve this? Is there a Skype 6 client for FreeBSD?

Thanks in advance, please CC me,

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