> On Mon, 24 Apr 2000, Nate Williams wrote:
> > I'm violently opposed to removing it completely.  The only thing I
> > wouldn't be violently opposed to would be removing 'Attic' files (truly
> > unused file), and having them stored away somewhere in the tree for
> > archival purposes.
> You realize that its possible to setup your local repo to drop these
> right?  (Attic files that is.)

Sure, but many of the Attic files in the tree are actually files that
are on an older branch that I'm currently using.  I don't want to spend
the time to figure out which files are 'unused' and whiche files are
'used but unused'. ;)

(Once CVS removes a file and sticks it in the Attic, it *never* is
removed from the Attic, even if it's added back into active status


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