Gleb Smirnoff wrote, On 07/18/2014 13:06:


The pf mailing list is about a dozen of active people. Yes, they are vocal
on the new syntax. But there also exist a large number of common FreeBSD
users who simply use pf w/o caring about syntax and reading pf mailing
list. If we destroy the syntax compatibility a very large population of
users would be hurt, for the sake of making a dozen happy.

I don't agree on this part. Almost every bigger project / application needs to make some uncompatible changes over time. Apache, MySQL, PHP, GNOME, KDE... or FreeBSD itself with recent changes from pkg_* to pkg(ng). Backward compatibility cannot be maintained infinitely if new features should be added. I don't see the reason why PF should be exception. And I am writing this as one who really don't need any new PF features, but I am fine with syntax change in newer FreeBSD major version. There were bigger problem with pf.conf in the past - freebsd-update deleted it and machine was unprotected after reboot. So properly announced syntax change and tutorial to conversions is not problem for me and I hope for some others too.

Miroslav Lachman
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