Hiya folks.  I'm running on FreeBSD 4.0-RELEASE, trying to get a Lucent
Wavelan card (wi) working via an ActionTec PC700 PCMCIA controller (detail
on this controller: http://www.actiontec.com/support/readers/pc700.html)

I've been chatting with Bill (who wrote the 'wi' driver), and we can't
seem to get this controller, which is apparently Plug N Play, to come up
in the kernel.

pnpinfo shows...

[root@lightship]:~# pnpinfo
Checking for Plug-n-Play devices...
Card assigned CSN #1
Vendor ID AEI0218 (0x1802a904), Serial Number 0x01234567
PnP Version 1.0, Vendor Version 0
Logical Device ID: AEI0218 0x1802a904 #0
        Vendor register funcs 00
    I/O Range 0x3e0 .. 0x3fe, alignment 0x2, len 0x2
        [16-bit addr]
End Tag
Successfully got 4 resources, 1 logical fdevs
-- card select # 0x0001
CSN AEI0218 (0x1802a904), Serial Number 0x01234567
Logical device #0
IO:  0x03e0 0x03e0 0x03e0 0x03e0 0x03e0 0x03e0 0x03e0 0x03e0
IRQ 0 0
DMA 4 4
IO range check 0x00 activate 0x01

The kernel reports:

unknown0: <ACTIONTEC PNP PCMCIA ADAPTER> at port 0x3e0-0x3e1 on isa0

I have this in my kernel config file:

device          pcic0   at isa? irq 10 port 0x3e0 iomem 0xd0000

I've tried changing the IRQ around by altering this line in the kernel
file, to no avail.

Any suggestions?  Please?  :)

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