On 2014-07-25 09:49, Larry Rosenman wrote:
> On 2014-07-25 08:41, Larry Rosenman wrote:
>> On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 11:58:48AM +0200, Mark Martinec wrote:
>>> Don't know, I'd guess some network-related memory limit is being hit
>>> on the sending site.
>>> Why not try to decouple the 'zfs send' from a network copy and ssh:
>>> Login to a remote side, do a 'zfs send' to some local temporary file
>>> there, then feed that file to ssh and send it over to a home host,
>>> where it can be piped into some simple program like md5 or 'wc -c'
>>> instead of a zfs recv.
>> I think I've done that, but it sort of defeats the purpose, as the stream
>> becomes a big file on disk.
>> I'd like to get some help chasing what parameter(s) need to be fixed
>> here.
> sysctl output and other things at:
> http://www.lerctr.org/~ler/FreeBSD/
>> Can I get some ideas on:
>> 1) what MIGHT need tweaking
>> 2) would (k|d)trace help?
>> 3) what else could we find out what's being told no memory?
> I *CAN* give SSH/Root/etc access to BOTH boxes on request.
> What else do you need?

Try just ssh into the 'source' host, and do:
zfs send -v -R zroot@${DATE} > /dev/null

and see if it actually finishes, or if it runs out of memory again.

Allan Jude

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