On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, Wilko Bulte wrote:

> OK. But you do have to uniquely identify the binary that needs to be
> patched. So, my question is when you generate 10x the same binary, will all
> these 10 binaries have the same MD5 checksum? In other words: if people did
> a local buildworld once on a -release sourcetree will all the executables
> have the same MD5 as the ones on the -release cdrom?

I don't think a binary patch is workable: all it takes is a single local
buildworld and you've got an unpatchable system. Furthermore, I'd
speculate that binary patches would usually be on the same order of size
as the file itself. What *would* work is including the entire new file in
the package. This is what solaris does.

However, there are serious regression-testing and dependency problems with
a scheme like this - i.e. making sure you've included *all* of the
relevant changes.


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