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> In article <alpine.bsf.2.11.1407251459370.72...@wonkity.com> you write:
> >Writing "an article" is hard.  Writing a small section on how deleting
> >packages is different between pkg and, say, apt, is much easier.  The
> >scope is known.
> Indeed, it's pretty trivial.
> I think the sort of article Craig was looking for was more on the
> order of
>         apt command             pkg command
>         apt-get update          pkg update (*1)
>         ...                     ...
> (*1) Explanation of differences between how apt behaves and how pkg
> behaves.
> The set of common apt operations is pretty well-known, and most of
> them have direct pkg(8) equivalents.


Garrett is describing exactly what I am looking for.

I'm not looking for a complicated article explaining the internal
differences between apt and pkg.  Very few people have the
interest or patience to read that.

Providing a simple table contrasting the basic apt/yum/rpm/pkg commands
for installing/upgrading/deleting packages is mostly what is needed.

We need to show people that installing packages on FreeBSD is
not like the "bad old pkg_add days" which people have bad memories of.  We
need to show that pkg is as good as what people are used to on modern Linux

I have less experience with OS X, but if we can show people that
pkg is as good as  (or better than) MacPorts or Homebrew for installing
third-party packages, that would be great as well, but focusing on Linux
first would be good.

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