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>>> A continuing issue (with 9.1 previously and now 10) is that FreeBSD 
>>> occasionally (or always) seems to boot from the 2nd installed drive rather 
>>> than the first. I'd be happy to debug this, but I have no idea if it's 
>>> bootcode or a BIOS issue. Supermicro pleads innocent, but their bios guys 
>>> are hard to work with and fairly arrogant if you don't specifically isolate 
>>> something.
>>> The scenario occurs when ada0 is upgraded and has an incompatible kernel 
>>> with other code on drive ada1.  (note that ada1 is a backup of the 
>>> pre-upgrade ada0, so it's fstab points to ada0 for mount points). The 
>>> system will boot and then modules will fail to load. It loads the kernel 
>>> from ada1 and then mounts partitions from ada0; old kernel and newer 
>>> modules.
>>> The problem is resolved by popping the 2nd drive. So there is nothing wrong 
>>> with ada0 to cause it to bounce to ada1.
>>> My question: What would cause the system to boot from ada1 instead of ada0? 
>>> Bios or Bootcode?
>> BIOS, most likely. If the disk controller in question is onboard you should 
>> be able to specify which disk(s) and what order they will be booted from. If 
>> not, you'll need to just say <disk controller> in the BIOS boot order then 
>> go to the controllers BIOS to say which disk(s) to boot from and in what 
>> order. I have recent experience with a SuperMicro box and an LSI controller; 
>> the latter allows you to specify a (b)oot drive and an (a)lternate. Yes, b 
>> comes before a. :)
> The bios only gives you one choice for "HDD". You can't select one of the 4 
> drives to boot from. You can specify USB or CD or HDD, but Not HDD2 or HDD3.

There may be a separate option controlling "hard drive boot order", and/or 
there may be a completely separate BIOS program for your drive controller with 
its own hotkey.


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