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On 19.08.2014 10:42, Jean-Sébastien Pédron wrote:
On 16.08.2014 01:51, Nathan Whitehorn wrote:
It also has bad effects on boot time. My desktop takes something like 3
times as long to boot after r269471. If it can't be fixed quickly, it
needs to be reverted.
Just a quick note: I'm working on an update to vt_vga.

Here's a first version of the patch I was talking about:


What's new/fixed:

     o  vt_vga introduces a new callback, vd_bitblt_text_t, which takes
        as argument the text buffer, the dirty area, the font and the
        cursor (position, map, colors). With all this information at
        hand, it can redraw the dirty area with almost no read from the
        video memory. This greatly improves the performance. The
        implementation is quite naive and I put a lot of comments. This
        could probably be simplfied/improved.

        The cursor is drawn at the same time than the text: this avoids
        flickering of the mouse pointer.

        The patch reads from the video memory only when the byte to
        write uses more than 2 colors (fg/bg). But this only happens
        with colored text around the cursor or with fonts who's width
        isn't a multiple of 8.

Why is this necessary? I'd really prefer to avoid complicating this API. One of the great things about writing newcons drivers is that there is basically only one function you need to implement. If the current API does not provide enough information to do this efficiently, I'd much rather change it than add new callbacks.

     o  In vt_flush(), handle the cursor position before getting the
        dirty area. This fixes a bug where, if we move the cursor too
        fast, its new location is outside the marked area and it
        disappears from the screen.

        While here, mark the new position of the cursor as dirty, not
        only the old one.

        For the cursor to be drawn, VWF_MOUSE_HIDE must not be set *and*
        VDF_MOUSECURSOR must be set! Before, only the former was checked
        when deciding if the cursor position should be marked as dirty.

        Finally, if the cursor didn't move, don't mark its position as

        Before, these two problems caused major redraw of a large part
        of the screen for nothing, due to a mouse pointer location of
       [0;0] (even if disabled) and its position always marked as dirty.

     o  When the mouse state is changed, mark its position as dirty.

     o  The flush timer is paused during a window switch. In the case of
        vt_vga, vga_initialize() is called and it messes with VGA
        registers and the video memory. If vt_flush() is triggered at
        the same time, unexpected data are displayed. This is fixed,
        though, there's still a annoying flickering, because the sync
        signal is temporarily stopped during vga_initialize().

     o  The patch includes another non-related patch, which tries to
        stabilize the refresh rate. Currently, we schedule the next
        redraw in 40 ms (25 Hz), but that doesn't count for the time
        taken to redraw.

     o  Change how the mouse is enabled/disabled/shown/hidden. Now, the
        GETLEVEL and GETMODE ioctls don't touch this. Everything goes
        through the CONS_MOUSECTL ioctl. This fixes vidcontrol -m on|off.

Known issues:

     o  Instead of having an "if (bitblt_text != NULL)" check in
        vt_flush(), I'll add a generic bitblt_text callback which
        implements the old code, so that other drivers can be changed

     o  In vt_vga, the screen flickers during a window switch, because
        it stops the sync signal and zeroes the memory. It would be nice
        to avoid that.

     o  Several issues when the font is changed:
          1. The offset to center the text area is global, not per
             window. Therefore other window are not centered anymore.
          2. There's a bug with my patch, where other windows have the
             top-left letter wrongly shifted.
          3. When the text area changes (compared to the whole screen),
             there's garbage in the borders.
          4. The text cursor (the square) may be broken on other windows.

     o  The mouse pointer is somtimes not erased during a move.

     o  The text square cursor handling in vt_vga could be improved:
        colors are just reversed, we shouldn't change the fg/bg colors,
        just write a 0x00 pattern instead.

     o  The vt_flush() timer could maybe be stopped when there's nothing
        to draw. No need to wakeup a core for that.

Any comments?

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