Bryan Drewery wrote:
Ports now support enabling Stack Protector [1] support on FreeBSD 10
i386 and amd64, and older releases on amd64 only currently.

Support may be added for earlier i386 releases once all ports properly
respect LDFLAGS.

To enable, just add WITH_SSP=yes to your make.conf and rebuild all ports.

The default SSP_CLFAGS is -fstack-protector, but -fstack-protector-all
may optionally be set instead.

That's probably SSP_CFLAGS, not SSP_CLFAGS.

Does clang (in 10-STABLE or CURRENT) support also the
option -fstack-protector-strong ?

Is 'world' by default compiled with -fstack-protector
(and if not, why not).

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